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22+ handicap to 11 in 22 months it all due to a good attitude and great equipment. Winning tournament and finishing high up the leader board gave me a great sense of achievement. At club level I am now a respected member. People are now asking how did Bill go today

Helping people

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below
I would dearly love for other golfers to experience this feeling and it comes down to equipment / attitude and desire. By having correct tempo gives any golfer more control over the ball.

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  1. Luke Reply

    Hello Bill.
    I haven’t played golf for around 4 years.
    I got sick and tired of the game. I had lessons but as much as I learned, I wasn’t consistent with hitting fairways and my short game was tragic. I couldn’t read greens and got frustrated.
    Reading your story, talking about tempo and the energy and passion you have for the game. I dusted of my clubs and went down the driving range and had a hit.
    It was fun and I think I’ve found some passion for the game and I’m going down to the local to have a game.
    Thank mate.

    • Bill Marshall Post authorReply

      Thank you Luke I just hope you get more happiness and enjoyment out of the game. Keep working on enjoying crisp shots and sending that ball down the middle of the fairway and on to the green, 2 putting for par. Let me know how you are going and if there is any questions I would be so eager to help.

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