Complete golf club sets


What’s the best but cheapest complete golf club sets?

Well let me tell you about some very cheap sets that has a very good brand. Powerbilt golf equipment is a very good and solid brand. This I know first hand and let me tell you the ball explodes of the club face more than any other club I have used.

I was playing golf with Drummond Golf at one of their days with Brett Ogle at the course as an ambassador. On a par 5 this person from Powerbilt said to me “Have a go at this” so I did. The tee shot exploded on to the next fairway so I said to him can I have another go. “Yes he said” So I focused on Drawing the ball and the ball went about 280 meters “I have never hit the ball that far” I was able to BIRDY that hole. If i, had not lost a ball. That’s how good this brand is the name says it all.

Imagine standing on the tee and having the ball go way past all of your mates. What a feeling that would be.


Not only for men Powerbilt also supply Ladies golf club sets and believe me some of these girls hit the ball just as far as the boys. http://In The Hole! Golf Search Box have all the brands available. Anything associated with golf these guys have in stock and so dirt cheap so check them out when you have the chance.

Other Brands i have checked out is Callaway golf club sets and these just blew me away, just the site of these clubs have power and control associated with them. Could you imagine standing on the first tee and sending the ball down the middle of the fairway,way past your playing partners using your brand new clubs.

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