Golf Equipment / Playing Skills – Hitting Fairways and Greens

How to hit Fairways

One of the hardest things to do consistently on the golf course. So many factors to consider. Many golfers do over think, My equipment are no good, My swing is no good, Too much wind, Using the wrong ball. Fact is that equipment, swing, weather conditions, balls are so important in hitting fairways.

Keeping the club head square to the ball at impact is a critical part in hitting the ball down the middle of the fairway. There is a number of drills for this but I know a simple method to achieve this goal. I call it the 4 tees method. Place 2 tees a club head apart and 2 tees in the middle a club head apart. Slowing down your swing and hitting the 2 tees in the middle and not hitting any other tee will produce a straight hit.

Applying this drill about ten to fifteen times and then replacing the middle tees with a ball and using the same tempo you will be hitting the ball down the middle. Driver or irons doesn’t really matter, if applying this drill CONCEPT your will be hitting the ball STRAIGHT.

Greens in regulation

Going for the GREEN can be a bit of a worry with golfers having no confidence. By using the drill concept going for the green will make you and your playing partners say [GREAT SHOT] and confidence grows. Watching the ball landing on the green is a brilliant feeling and your playing partners will be envious.

Chipping and Pitching

Not every green can be hit and not 1 professional on the PGA TOUR can make every green. Chipping close to the flag to save par is a wonderful feeling. I prefer the Phil Mickelson technique of the hinge and hold technique. Keeping 80% of your weight on your front foot, playing the ball in the middle of your stance. Hinge the club on the back swing and keeping the hinge on the downswing, following through to the target.

Pitching the ball close to the target. Slowing down your swing and having a 3 quarter shot in your mind controls the ball in flight. Having a 3 quarter swing gives your better contact with the ball, the ball actually goes further than you think it would.

Putting – Get in the hole

Sinking that putt for par, birdie or even eagle is one of the most rewarding things to do. I thought I was the worlds worst putter but now I think different. I think I’m an amazing putter by practicing the 4 drill technique with a putter. By practicing the putter head going over the 2 middle tees the putter head stays square to the ball giving a straighter roll to the pin. Getting the read and feel for the speed only comes with solid practice. Golf can be a very difficult or very easy sport but your have to put time into practice.

Equipment needed

Hitting a golf ball 200 metres and having a long iron to the green can be very difficult to do. With the technology of the equipment today can be very easy. The drivers are going longer, the irons are longer and the balls are going further with the ability to shape the ball as well.

Shaping the ball from right to left or left to right and hitting fairways and greens can make the game a lot easier for today s golfer. The golf balls are now exploding of the club face and going further but around the greens you get a softer feel and stopping the ball close to the flag.

Some brands of balls are having a lower ball flight keeping the flight of the ball under the wind with a more penetrating distance. Some clubs I have tried have a bigger sweet spot and hitting the ball further with less effort is being achieved.

Brands like TITELIEST, CALLAWAY, MIZUNO ETC have the perfect clubs for you and the club fitting is absolutely fantastic. Some wedges are giving your backspin on the ball which I never achieved until recently when I received my new wedge.

Some gloves are better in the wet conditions now giving plenty of grip. The amount of tuition videos is endless on you tube and the new clubs being provided are being tested which you can watch on you tube.

Conclusion – Happy Days

Whether your a beginner or a scratch golfer, today s equipment can and will enhance your golfing experience. Happy days are just ahead of you and your handicap will be going down, great rounds will be had, tournaments will be won.

My handicap has gone from 22+ to 11 in 22 months. I have a good set of clubs, finally found the correct ball for me and practice the 4 tees drill that was discussed earlier. I have learn’t how to shape the ball, hit the ball high or low depending on the conditions and stopping the ball close to the flag. My putting has improved dramatically and my stats are amazing.

I look forward to some “good news stories” in the comments section and I hope that the drill I have discussed with you has helped, it helped me so go out there and hit some fairways and greens.

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