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In The Hole! Golf Search Box                                                                                                    Getting the ball into hole using the putter can be one of the most frustrating accomplishments to do on the golf course

3 putting the ball into the hole can be very damaging to your score card and every golfer has done this in their life. How do I get the ‘feel’ getting the ball close to the hole. Most players think that practice is the key to good putting and to a certain extent they are correct but if you don’t have the correct putter for you, Good putting is very difficult to achieve.

The Odyssey Golf Putter is the most common of the top brands,

Quicker Roll With Fusion RX

Odyssey has taken the most legendary insert of all-time that’s the best feeling, best-selling, with the most Tour wins and combined it with unbelievable new roll technology for the Fusion RX Insert.

It’s where feel meets roll as we couple the White Hot insert with ultra thin stainless steel mesh and their patented Metal-X roll pattern. There are no compromises, and it has faster roll than the White Hot insert, so it reduces skidding and gets the ball into a pure roll faster

Greater feel getting the ball close to the hole.

Feel Meets Roll, Dual Fang Stability and Marxman Alignment
The Odyssey Works Versa Marxman Fang Putter is designed to give you all the alignment you need, because the most important part of putting is starting the ball on your intended line. You know that. This putter takes the 2-Ball Fang chassis that’s one of the best-selling models in the world and adds Hi-Def linear alignment from our proven Marxman technology.

Getting the ball rolling at the intended target is the key to great putting.

This model has Odyssey’s best feeling, most trusted insert ever and quicker roll that gets the ball into a pure roll faster. And we combine that insert with major-winning alignment, the stability that makes it an accuracy machine from the perimeter-weighted fangs, and the Marxman high-definition alignment strip. Yes, you really get all that proven technology in one putter. We hope you’re ready for it.

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