Titleist golf clubs – Where can I get them

                                                                                                 http://www.secretsgolf.com.au        “So- where can I get my Titleist golf clubs”

At my home club Secret Harbour Golf Links. At Secrets Management pride themselves on their fantastic golf shop. They stock all sorts of golf equipment with all the top brands. Whether it’s tees your after to irons, drivers, balls, shoes, caps to clothing that makes you feel like a champion golfer.

The staff are very friendly and know what they are talking about. With an abundance of pga professionals that will help you with every part of your game, They have private tuition classes at very reasonable rates.

Secrets have an excellent bar and cafe with great meals to be had if your hungry. Now for the course, and it is very challenging for any golfer ranging from low handicaps to high handicaps.


Every hole is very different, some easy and some hard so good shot shaping is required to stay out of trouble. A fair few bunkers are on the course so good bunker play is necessary.


The Fairways are undulating so you are hitting of different lies at times. The greens are running truly and in summer they are fast not so fast in winter.The greens are not too difficult to read but some are so a good putting stroke is needed.

The competition for the members is outstanding with comp’s on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. With games like PAR, STABLEFORD, STROKE they have a lot of days like Holden Scramble, 3 club challenge, Yellow ball challenge, Individual match play and more. Then is the CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP games with fantastic prizes and trophy’s for the winners of all grades


. Mark Batten Snr PGA Teaching Professional  0414456461  Marc Kelly PGA Professional  0435952317



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  1. Jar Reply

    love the photo’s great quality, i would like to see a bio about you, assume you are promoting Seceret Harbor, where is it or any link to clubs Pro Shop site so you can get credit when they buy something, put ur link behind every photo so if they click the photo boom they r at the Pro shop

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